Time = Money

Control payroll costs with a simple digital clocking system.

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Potential savings

In 2018, companies worldwide saw an average employee shrinkage of 30%.

See how TimeMe can save you cold, hard cash.

Yearly savings


We’ve even deducted the appropriate cost of TimeMe
Source: Society of Workforce Planning Professionals.

Document hours

No more guessing games. TimeMe is the quick and accurate way to assess your employees. With a logging system and GPS location services, you can see exactly how time is spent.

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Lead projects

Stay on top of budgets. Our system ensures you only pay people for the hours they work. You’ll know if clients are being over-serviced.

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Maximise efficiency

Increase your margins. Our easy-to-use software means you won’t waste time on admin. We do the hard work so you can focus on meeting your targets.

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Control compliance

We pride ourselves on making things easy for our customers. That’s why all of our software is safe, secure and GDPR-compliant. You won’t get caught out by legislation.

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